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Confidence & Class


When a woman says “I have nothing to wear”, what she really means is, “I have nothing to wear for who I need to be today”… One of the few tailoring houses that is truly passionate about women’s tailoring, House Of Raja offers the same high-quality craftsmanship and rigorous attention to every detail bespoke tailoring services for high-powered women that we do for our male clients. Raja’s tailoring for professional women is very flexible and adapted to the individual.
From the classically simple to the gloriously complex, we approach each commission as a unique design project, collaborating closely with our client to produce something exceptional. Dedicated to the business & professional sectors as well as catering fluently to those who simply appreciate beautiful handiwork, we are adept at creating handcrafted pieces that flatter, inspire and fit beautifully for her. For a polished and elegant working wardrobe that will help you exude confidence and class, personalize your female suits, blouses, jackets, dresses, skirts, and trousers that is perfect for who you need to be today!

The Process

The journey starts, naturally, with you. Your tastes and requirements will be discussed and elaborated upon during the initial consultation. A tailoring consultant will offer advice and ideas based on your lifestyle and personal preferences before setting to work taking precise measurements for the intricate pattern-cutting process. All pieces are handmade in Bangkok by master craftsmen who have been trained to the highest standard in time-honoured Savile Row technical and artistic practices. The high-touch process usually requires two or three fittings to ensure perfection, and possibly a little fine-tuning towards the end. A Raja’s tailor should always present you with a garment that enhances your best features, flatters your shape and fits perfectly. This is what we at House Of Raja’s works towards with every client.
Custom Design
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