Rajas International  Custom Tailor was established in  1965.

Sardar Narinjan S. Sachdev and son, Mr. RAJA founded the company in Thailand. They commenced with the United States Air Force as their major customers, during the settlement of American Base in Khorat / Nakhorn Ratchasima, situated in the East of Thailand.
In 1970, Mr. Raja established another branch in Sattahip.

Then came the Tourist Boom in Thailand in the mid 70's, the company re-located to Pattaya.  In 1980 Rajas Tailors moved to Bangkok.  Within a span of few years Rajas Tailors came up with a position of Thailand's Best Ladies & Gents Custom  Tailors.

Rajas Tailors, internationally successful during this period serving customers all over the globe, Mr. RAJA launched President Custom Tailor (estb. 1985), and is handled by his son, Mr. Ravi Sachdev.






Rajas Tailors is managed by Mr. Raja and sons, Ravi and Mike Sachdev, and our sales manager, Shiva.

We are recommended by the American, British, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Austrian, Swiss  and Australian Embassy / Consulate for High-Class Fitting. We bear our Originality in Service & offering Quality Tailoring. Our expertise is defined by Our Experience and Success through the Years.

Perhaps we'll meet you when you are on Holidays in Thailand. We'll just be most glad to serve you.



Many of our clients are unable to visit Thailand every time they need new clothes, thus we have started going to them. We fly all over the world - US, UK, Europe and Australia - to visit our customers and personally to measure them. We bring with us Fabric Samples and Fashion Magazines to choose from.

We take the Fitting Measurements and also assist in choosing the Fabric Colors and Styles for each person.  As your Tailor and image consultant, we look good when you look good.

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